Costa Araucanía

This destination, bathed by the Pacific Ocean, spans the coastal edge of La Araucanía Region. The unique experience of nature and culture of the Region’s communes Carahue, Saavedra, Teodoro Schmidt, Toltén and Nueva Imperial, invites you to enjoy the imposing Imperial and Toltén rivers, also the beautiful Lake Budi and the opulent Mapuche Lafkenche people’s worldview, also known as “people of the sea “.

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Toltén Toltén in mapudungun means “Trol-Tren”, an onomatopoeic voice that does not have its own root, but evokes the blowing sound of sea waves. Its ...
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Nueva Imperial

Nueva Imperial Known as the watercolor city, it invites you to live cultural experiences, involving the human richness of its people, crafts, gastronomy, Mapuche cosmovision, ...
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Teodoro Schmidt

Teodoro Schmidt This is a young commune that was created on January 12th, 1981, named after this German engineer who is recognized in the regional ...
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Saavedra Its origin is historically linked to port industry, due to its privileged geography that combines rivers, sea and the popular Budi lake. In addition ...
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Carahue Named as “La Ciudad de Los Tres Pisos” (The City of the Three Floors) due to its particular geography, Carahue currently stands out as ...
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