Its origin is historically linked to port industry, due to its privileged geography that combines rivers, sea and the popular Budi lake. In addition to the above, you can find a great cultural enviroment, highlighting its gastronomy, crafts and Mapuche Lafkenche´s culture.

The commune of Saavedra is located in the west side of La Araucanía Region, 89 kilometers from Temuco, in the Province of Cautín. Its population comprehends 14,034 inhabitants approximately (Census 2017) and more than 80% of them live in rural areas, mostly Mapuche descent. It surface is 400.8 km2 of extension. It is bordered to the northeast by the commune of Carahue; to the south, with the commune of Theodore Schmidt; and to the west with the Pacific Ocean and has two populated centers: Puerto Saavedra and Puerto Domínguez.

The history of the city is linked to Puerto Saavedra´s origin and its was named firstly as Misiones, then Bajo Imperial and finally as Puerto Saavedra in honor of its founder, Cornelio Saavedra. The hamlet formation began in 1852 and the first mission was established in 1859. Its was founded on December 5th, 1895. Its privileged geography combines rivers, sea and lake and great cultural asset, thanks to the high number of Mapuche population that inhabits its lands, the city comprehends a wide variety of alternatives in the tourist field. The locals are particularly engaged in artisanal fishing in the wide coast of the city and the extracted quantities are used for family consumption and for smaller scale´s sales. Lake Budi is the most characteristic geographical element of this city, located 5km south of Puerto Saavedra.
What to Visit

Caleta Huilque

This is a fishermen’s cove located on the large coast of Pto. Saavedra, and in this cove, you can buy various products from the sea …
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Huapi Island

In Huapi Island, which is the strip that separates the lake from the sea, mapuches open the doors of their traditional rucas to the visitors …
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Lake Budi

Budi is a brackish lake surrounded by peninsulas and inlets with extensive wetlands. During winter, the lake joins its waters with the Pacific Ocean in …
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Port Dominguez

It was founded in 1902, and it is located on the east bank of Lake Budi, which is accessed directly by Carahue or from the …
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Los Pinos Beach – Imperial Lagoon

It is La Araucanía´s resort par excellence, due to the calm waters of the lagoon of the Imperial River, suitable for the whole family. Its …
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Llepo Island

Located in the heart of Lake Budi, it has a magnificent view of the different surrounding islands where you can also contemplate romantic summer sunsets …
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Cerro Maule Viewpoint

From the “Choñi” (viewpoint in Mapudungun) hill, you can see the topographic changes and impact caused by a tsunami in Puerto Saavedra in 1960. This …
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Costanera Park

It is the most important urban work of Puerto Saavedra, home for artistic, sports, cultural and touristic gatherings. It has an extension of 2.8 km, …
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