Named as “La Ciudad de Los Tres Pisos” (The City of the Three Floors) due to its particular geography, Carahue currently stands out as an active exchange shopping center of the region’s coastal area and core city in terms of highest potato production in the country.

Carahue is located in the west side of La Araucanía Region, 56 kilometers from Temuco, in the Province of Cautín. Its population comprehends 24,533 inhabitants approximately (Census 2017) and more than 50% of them live in rural areas. Meanwhile, the Mapuche population being high, concentrates on small premises in the commune. Its surface has 1,340.6 km2 of extension. It is bordered to the north by Tirúa commune, Province of Arauco, Biobío Region and Lumaco (Malleco Province); to the south, with the commune of Saavedra; and to the west with the Pacific Ocean. And also has three populated centers: Carahue, Trovolhue and Nehuentue.

The city of Carahue, was built above what is known as the ancient Imperial city and was founded by Pedro de Valdivia. It is located on Damas and Imperial riverbanks and, according to historical background data, it was founded in April 16th, 1552. Its official founding date was February 20th, 1882.

Currently, Carahue is an active shopping and exchange center for the population of the region’s coastal area and the main potato grower city in the country. When you move around the city you can sense an old’s harbor atmosphere, endowed by antique wineries and viewpoints where you can feel the significant Mapuche’s influence of its people.

The identity of the region and this commune is notoriously defined by The Mapuche’s ethnic presence, and its traditions embody a great tourist potential in the territory. The Imperial river’s presence is one of the most relevant geographical elements. The river is named after the commune of New Imperial, when it joins Cholchol and Cautín rivers.

What to Visit

Villa Las Araucarias

Located towards Nahuelbuta’s mountain range, approximately 50 kilometers from Carahue, there is a special territory, where you can see a forest endowed of our majestic …
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Monkul Wetland

Monkul Wetland, located in the commune of Carahue, preserved and displayed to the world by the Lafkenche Community Mateo Nahuelpán, depicted by its biodiversity and …
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Machine Park

Machine Park, is an outdoor exposition on various railway machinery, which has six carriages, three cranes, stoves and two locomotives. It is located next to …
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Presidente Eduardo Frei Montalva Hanging Bridge

This bridge was founded in October 1949, which crosses the Imperial River, allows the connection of the cities of Puerto Saavedra and Puerto Domínguez. In …
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Steam Age Museum

It was created in 1999. Ever since then, the museum has become a new city symbol. Its display comprises more than 40 locomotives distributed in …
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It is known as “Pearl of the Costa de La Araucanía” and is marked by its new cooking facilities on the edge of the Imperial …
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