Nueva Imperial

Known as the watercolor city, it invites you to live cultural experiences, involving the human richness of its people, crafts, gastronomy, Mapuche cosmovision, being surrounded by its imposing Cholchol and Imperial rivers.

Known as a watercolor city, it calls you to live unique experiences around the cultural richness of the Mapuche people. This place treasures lively the Mapuche settlements, where great battles took place, recalls Diego de Almagro´s honor, the poet Juvencio Valle and also the Mapuche sculptures of Ildelfonso Quilempan which tell stories, that can be seen in certain points of this picturesque commune.

In Imperial you will find a city that encompasses western territories of the intermediate depression and mountainous foothills of the southern Nahuelbuta mountain range, which is also divided by a hill that is located at the base, separating the Low and the High. From the top of the hill you can see Villarrica, Llaima and Lonquimay volcanoes.

Throughout, you will be able to enjoy the human affluency of the sector, get to know the Mapuche culture; language, ways of life, crafts, and gastronomy with cultural identity that will allow you to live the ancestral experiences and customs of this commune.

You can also explore this area where you will find touristic attractions such as the railway bridge, in addition, since a few years ago a park of Mapuche sculptures were included making it one of the most particular of the region. The Imperial and Chol Chol rivers cross the commune bringing about popular resorts, sailing of small boats where you can practice trout and other species fishing. The Nautical Cendyr is a place where the athletes of canoeing and Kayac of the commune practice. The Swan Beach is a place that in summer season brings all the inhabitants of the town and visitors together, who enjoy the calm waters coming from Chol Chol River.

What to Visit

Nautical Cendyr

It is located in Castellón Avenue, an area where you can observe boats and athletes who enjoy Kayac activities in the river …
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Railway Bridge

The railway bridge linked the Ramal Temuco-Carahue and thus linked the regional capital with the coast of La Araucanía region. The construction of the bridge …
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Pedro de Valdivia Square

Located in the heart of this commune, it encompasses a variety of Mapuche sculptures that capture some of the events that took place here. In …
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Former French House

The French house building is located in the historical center of  Nueva imperial city on Avenida Castellón, with a commercial origin, it has two levels …
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Los Cisnes Beach

It is a Beach located on Chol Chol river banks. In this area you can enjoy with your family and do other activities that includes …
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