You can practice bird watching throughout the area, however, places such as Budi Lake, Monkul Wetland, Queule Wetland, Puyehue Lagoon and the entire coastal territory of the destination stands out for its species concentration.

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Queule Wetland

This place holds a high concentration of migratory bird species, it also displays birds that remain for a long time in this place. It is …
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Puyehue Lagoon

It is a coastal lagoon of wide extension which sea mouth is at the northern end, it holds a shrub vegetation and grasslands, where you …
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Lake Budi

Budi is a brackish lake surrounded by peninsulas and inlets with extensive wetlands. During winter, the lake joins its waters with the Pacific Ocean in …
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Monkul Wetland

Monkul Wetland, located in the commune of Carahue, preserved and displayed to the world by the Lafkenche Community Mateo Nahuelpán, depicted by its biodiversity and …
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