Boca Budi beach

It is located 5 km south of Puerto Saavedra and decorated with holiday homes of families from nearby cities. It is a natural resort suitable for the whole family with…

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Maule Beach

It is located 2km south from Puerto Saavedra, it is the most visited resort in the entire regional coast; it has an extension of 15 km interrupted by Imperial River´s…

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La Chasquilla Beach

This is a brackish water beach since its located in Budi Lake, next to Puerto Domínguez town. The use of this beach was enabled by the municipality of Saavedra, that…

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Agua Las Niñas Beach

Beach of about 250 meters of extension, located at the mouth of the River Queule, is a beach of quiet swell, suitable for beach activities, picnic, photography and resting.

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