It is the most important urban work of Puerto Saavedra, home for artistic, sports, cultural and touristic gatherings. It has an extension of 2.8 km, and 68,790m2 of surface, it expands from north of the “Hito de las Ruinas” (Ex-casa Duhalde), and it ends in Caleta “El Huilque”.  It has four main themed areas, which divided from north to south are the following: Historical-Natural Promenade (Biodiversity Park, Ruca Museum and Ruins Memorial); Tourist, Recreational and Sports Promenade (Mapuche Cosmovision Park, Multipurpose court, Palin Skatepark court, exercises machines zone and parador services); Civic-Cultural (Parish Atrium San Sebastian, Green Areas and Circulation); Touristic-Gastronomic Tour (Water Square, Parador of services and elevated covered Square).

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