Costa Araucania has 2 great fishing alternatives For fishing lovers as well as for those who want to start practicing this sport, the first one is fishing on the beautiful Toltén River, where you can demonstrate all your strength by trying to tame and capture the prominent Chinook salmon, where fishes of more than 15 kilos have been caught (it is recommended to inquire about the opening and closing of fishing season). The second alternative is seashore sport fishing, where you can try fishing for soles, sea bass, silverside or corvinas. For more information about the opening and closing of fishing season and to buy recreational fishing license visit

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Toltén River

It is born in Lake Villarrica and flows 14.5km south of Nueva Toltén. Suitable for sport fishing, photography and excursions. It becomes navigable in its …
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Porma Beach

Located about 8 km from Hualpín, it is a popular beach with simmers and fishermen. It comprehends beachside gorges which have been shaped by the …
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It is known as “Pearl of the Costa de La Araucanía” and is marked by its new cooking facilities on the edge of the Imperial …
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