Costa Araucanía has miles and miles of coastline and beaches for your journey, amusement and enjoyment, as well as tours along Chol Chol, Imperial, Toltén and Queule river banks. You can also explore the islands and beautiful shores of Lake Budi, as well as the Monkul and Queule wetlands. And, of course, you can tour the local fields and submerge in the various rural landscapes of the area.

If you require formal touristic services in Costa Araucanía visit the following official website:

Queule Wetland

This place holds a high concentration of migratory bird species, it also displays birds that remain for a long time in this place. It is …
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This is a locality where eighteen Lafkenche families developed a successful tourism project based on cultural experiences, in which tourists can access various Mapuche tourism …
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Huapi Island

In Huapi Island, which is the strip that separates the lake from the sea, mapuches open the doors of their traditional rucas to the visitors …
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Villa Las Araucarias

Located towards Nahuelbuta’s mountain range, approximately 50 kilometers from Carahue, there is a special territory, where you can see a forest endowed of our majestic …
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Monkul Wetland

Monkul Wetland, located in the commune of Carahue, preserved and displayed to the world by the Lafkenche Community Mateo Nahuelpán, depicted by its biodiversity and …
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