How to Get There

By Bus From Santiago to Costa Araucanía

Alameda Bus Terminal

From Temuco to Costa Araucanía (New Imperial – Carahue – Puerto Saavedra – Teodoro Schmidt – Toltén)

Temuco’s Rural Bus Terminal
Ticket Sales

By Car From Santiago to Temuco

It’s 676 km driving on Route 5 South. It is accessed through the following main routes:
  • From the north, access is through the so-called “coast road”.
  • From Temuco, the road to the coast is diverted at the southern exit of the city.
  • From Route 5, 26 km south of Temuco, in the city of Freire, you access the communes of Teodoro Schmidt and Toltén.
  • From Valdivia, transit through the coastal route which is accessed via San José de la Mariquina.

Health Care Centers

Locations with Service Stations

Exchange Bureau


Banco Estado Carahue
Banco Estado Pto. Saavedra
Banco Estado Teodoro Schmidt
Banco Estado Nueva Toltén
Banco Estado Nueva Imperial
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